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Publishing Authentic Christian Literature from Biracial, Multiracial, African-American, and Jewish Voices

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PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT We are not accepting submissions at this time.

Are you a born again Christian of multiracial, multiethnic, ethnic heritage, or in a family of interracial dynamics? Please read. We generally seek adventurous fiction that leans toward futuristic, realistic, inspirational, or historical narratives that glorify God through faithful, upright protagonists. We only want some non-fiction in elementary kidlit or STEM/STEAM. We seek multiethnic manuscripts. We support doctrinal accuracy, Creationism, and do not seek alternative doctrines labeled as Christian (e.g., Mormon, Catholic, or heretical beliefs that support sin and hypocrisy.) We are open to poetic rap rhymes in picture books. We do not want protagonist-and-pet adventures, dark suspense, historical romance, atheist-to-convert protagonists, memoirs, nor mystery novels. We do not seek anything unwholesome or that is inappropriate to read out loud for the intended God-fearing audience. We align with Kosher Books' Jewish "acceptable criteria," yet supporting the Messiah or the Tanakh (Old Testament) in scriptural law context.